2nd performance of “Doctor Dilligaff’s Baboon” added

Double HeadIn addition to the concert performance of the new opera, “Doctor Dilligaff’s Baboon” at the Palladium, at 7pm on Monday, August 29th, an additional performance will be presented at the Octagon Arts Center, 2470 Nursery Road, Clearwater at 7pm on Wednesday, August 31st.

Both performances star Todd W. Donovan as Doctor Dilligaff and Melissa Misener as Monika. Also featured are Jenny Kim-Godfrey and Brandon Evans as The Weasel.

The opera, subtitled, “A Very Hairy Opera in One Act,” is one hour in duration. Accompaniment will be provided by the composer at the piano and Lowell Adams, Second Principal Cellist for the Florida Orchestra.

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